Monday, June 27, 2011

The Waiting Game

I feel like a kid in a car...are we there yet? In a week we will be leaving for Rochester to start pre-op workups, like blood-typing and more imaging. We should be getting the call for exact all seems to be hurry up and wait. I do know it will be super early in the morning, they've advised us to come to town the night before.

I keep checking the calender like I check the clock. 9 days...

We have awesome support. Not only have our friends and family been supportive, but support groups have reached out to us as well as some amazing individuals who have been though this all before. I hope to someday have the strength they do.

Right now I am a piles of nerves, it feels like my heart is in my throat. I think I am doing great, then I breakdown out of nowhere. I was at Kohl's looking for some 12month zip-up/snap-up outfits for Casey and I could find every size BUT 12 month. Do manufactures think babies stop needing those once they magically hit that size?! Anyway, I just stood there and started to cry. I know it was something so trivial, but something I really wanted to do that I knew could make Casey's life easier. I ended up finding one pair and later found a Florida Gator's Mascot outfit on clearance...well I had to buy it!

Look, his first Popsicle! :D

Ok, well I am off...trying to get everything in order before I lose my mind. The upside to this all is I have been in touch with a very nice woman whose son has had this surgery 2 years ago and all her advice and information sounds so promising. It helps to know there is such hope and promise and like I discussed with my friend, we are so lucky, it could be worse!

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