Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wow! Update Time!

Holy Crap! I have not updated since my little man's surgery! I have been so busy and honestly just spaced it all out between the surgery, quitting work, school, Casey, the holidays...wow!  Here are some pic's on the little man's surgery that went down on July 6th.

Casey and Daddy in Pre-Op.

Casey was asleep for quite awhile, but always with the Nuk!

Starting to be more active.

Driving around the children's floor at Mayo :)

Here is when he fell in love with fishes :)

By the ride home he was happy to be out!

Finally, some rest!

The surgery went well and our doctors were amazing! He did have a reaction to the anesthesia and couldn't keep any food down while he was in the hopsital. He also required 2 blood transfusions which was scary. We are almost 6 months (!!!) post-op now and you can't even tell he had surgery! :D

Thank you for all the love, support, prayers, visitors, cards, emails, presents and everything. We truly, truly appreaciate it!